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Carlisle Tree Service knows trees. We have been around for a really long time and there is not anything that we have not seen. When you give Carlisle Tree Service a call, you can know that you are calling the best Carlisle tree service company around for an arborists near me.

What We Do


Residential Tree Services

No residential job too small or too big. We can handle it all.

Commercial Tree Services

Whatever your commercial tree needs are, we can take care of them for you.


Emergency Tree Services

We are available for your emergency tree needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Arborists Near Me Tree Services in Carlisle

Not all Carlisle tree service companies are created equal. We have years of experience that help us safely get through even the most complex tree service projects. As with all industries, there are unscrupulous businesses or people with a saw that allege to be in the tree service business.

Our Carlisle tree contractors have the equipment, training, and skills to manage any tree service, including:

  • Residential Tree Services
  • Residential Tree Trimming
  • Residential Tree Removal
  • Residential Stump Grinding
  • Residential Stump Removal
  • Commercial Tree Services
  • Commercial Tree Trimming
  • Commercial Tree Removal
  • Commercial Stump Grinding
  • Commercial Stump Removal
  • Emergency Tree Services
  • Emergency Tree Care
  • Emergency Tree Trimming
  • Emergency Tree Cutting
  • Emergency Tree Removal

Tree Services with an Arborists Near Me

Carlisle Tree Service is a company with top-of-the-line tree equipment and the best Carlisle tree arborists near me.

Our tree services, such as stump removal and tree trimming, will keep your trees lush, healthy, and colorful. We deliver your tree service with care and meticulous clean up afterward.

Contact our team for all your tree service needs.

Tree Removal

Tree damage to your property is prevented with our tree removals.

When the time comes for tree removal, our team has what it takes to do the work regardless of the shape of the tree. We can remove your trees with practically no disturbance to the surrounding landscape, maintaining the look of the outdoor area.

Tree Trimming

The benefits of correct tree trimming in Carlisle include not only enhanced visual appeal but improved safety and resistance to storm damage and improved defenses against attack by pathogens and pests.

Poorly performed tree trimming can bring about permanent damage as well as accelerate the decline or demise of a tree.

Tree Cutting

As a full-service tree cutting Carlisle company, we can cut down trees of any size and in any situation.

We typically get the tree cutting projects that are the most technical and complex. Because of the high skill level of our Carlisle arborists, we can do the challenging work in less time than the competition.

Whatever You Need, We Have You Covered

Our Carlisle arborists near me take reasonable care to safeguard your property, making it healthier and better looking than when we arrived.

Any of our services are available through a scheduled appointment or as an emergency tree care service. We have crews ready to come to you whenever you need us.

Emergency Tree Services

After a colossal wind event, trees may be uprooted and trunks and limbs broken. It is crucial that you hire a tree service company in Carlisle with a very experienced team to manage such situations. We know how to securely remove fallen trees and tree parts from outdoor spaces efficiently.

Stump Grinding

Tree removal usually leaves behind a stump which can be dangerous and ugly. Our Carlisle stump grinding is the most effective way to get rid of tree stumps. We have the proper equipment and the power to do grinding securely after a tree has been removed. We can grind any stump from anywhere on your lawn.

Stump Removal

Dead tree stumps can be a pain as they attract fungus and parasites that can harm your foliage, grass, and other trees. Our stump grinding equipment is well constructed, letting us get into any small or large space, through a narrow gate, and leave minimal to no impact on the surrounding outdoor area.

We Want to Hear From You

We offer a range of low-cost tree services to keep your trees and outdoor area looking amazing. Put our proficient Carlisle tree arborists near me to work for you. We perform all the cleanup and hefty lifting, so it’s difficult to tell we were even there. Contact us to arrange a consultation!

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