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Lyle’s Tree Care has provided outstanding tree service for Carlisle, NY and the surrounding areas. We specialize in examining, analyzing, and treating trees. As a general Carlisle tree service company, we offer solutions for any tree issue, regardless of how small or large.

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Emergency Tree Services

No matter the emergency.


Tree Removal Services

Home or business, we can remove it.


Tree Trimming Services

As needed or scheduled maintenance.


Stump Grinding & Removal

We help get rid of ‘ugly’ stumps.


Arborist Care

Our arborists love your trees.

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Carlisle Tree Service is here for you.

Whether it is shade on a hot, summer day or beautification of your landscape, trees hold vital importance to us. So when they need some tender loving and care, we want to get the best.

It doesn’t matter if you need Carlisle emergency tree care or Carlisle storm tree removal, we are devoted to sustaining and preserving healthy, safe trees in any setting. We go to great lengths to ensure we’re ready for anything. We provide a wide range of tree services, covering all your tree service requests.

Look into Carlisle Tree Service. We have been offering affordable tree services to customers in the Carlisle area for years.

Carlisle Tree Service can manage all your tree service needs, everything from emergency tree care to stump grinding.

For the best Carlisle tree contractors, look no further than our tree care crew.

Reach out to us for information, estimates, and to schedule a consultation.

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With all the tree service we have done over the years, we have built a reputation for superiority by giving our customers total satisfaction and high-quality service. We are proud to be trusted with the stewardship of hundreds of the most impressive and splendid trees in Carlisle, NY.

We give eco-green tree care expertise to residences, stores, school campuses, businesses, and property management companies.

Our Carlisle arborists know that keeping your trees trimmed is a crucial part of keeping them healthy, green, and lush. When your tree’s good days are past, and you need tree service in Carlisle, contact us for professional, quick work.

Carlisle tree removal

Tree Removal

Have you ever seen a tree leaning over a home? Have you seen a tree that has fallen through one?

Carlisle tree removal service gets rid of diseased, dying, and trees on your property that are a danger to you, your property, and your neighbors. Our skilled Carlisle tree removal professionals have years of experience guaranteeing that your tree removal project, regardless of how small or big, will be done safely and with minimal to no damage to your landscape.

When you hire Carlisle Tree Service, you get Carlisle tree removal experts. Our arborists are insured and have years of tree removal experience.

carlisle tree services

Tree Services

Carlisle Tree Service is your best bet for tree service in Carlisle. We offer every tree service you might need to take care of your trees, and you will love our professional work and affordable tree care costs!

The state of the trees on your Carlisle residential or commercial property can be the difference between a landscape that looks well-tended to and one that looks unkempt.

To keep your outdoor space in topnotch condition, you want your trees to be cared for and any problems resolved immediately. You want them to be healthy and strong with sturdy limbs and bright-colored foliage.

Carlisle tree cutting

Tree Cutting

Clearing your property of trees is not just a matter of cutting away at them until they’re gone.

Our Carlisle tree cutting professionals know how to handle your specific tree cutting needs with little effect to your land. We cut down any dying or dead tree, uproot your plants, or remove any stump efficiently.

Our proficient Carlisle arborists make sure there are no roots left to make construction on your land complex or slow.

We give you a clean slate that delivers total freedom to build on your land with speed and confidence.

Carlisle tree trimming

Tree Trimming

Are your trees looking raggedy? Let Carlisle Tree Service give them the transformation they need!

Tree trimming is an excellent alternative to tree removal. A qualified Carlisle arborist is capable of removing awkward limbs from a tree, keeping the rest of the tree. If you have an unattractive tree on your property, a knowledgeable Carlisle tree contractor can give the tree a facelift by shaping the tree into a more visually pleasing form.

Tree trimming is enhancing a tree in a detailed and targeted manner to improve the appearance, safety, and health of the tree. Both a science and an art, tree trimming is very commonplace.

emergency tree service Carlisle

Emergency Tree Removal

From torrential rains to powerful winds, numerous weather occurrences can uproot or damage your trees.

If you have a tree emergency, you want to be sure that you can get assistance ASAP. At Carlisle Tree Service, we have the quickest emergency tree care in Carlisle, so you don’t have to wait for hours to get fallen trees and limbs removed and your yard back to looking incredible.

We’ll send a contractor out quickly to clear out any debris or branches that might be lying around, so you can get back to your day without worrying about cleaning up the mess.

Carlisle stump grinding

Stump Grinding & Removal

An old rotting stump will entice insects and pests to your outdoor area. When you leave stumps in your yard, the dying tree takes some time to rot away completely. While it’s decomposing, the stump attracts wood-boring pests, as well as termites and ants. You may not care about them in being on your lawn. However, they can sooner or later get into your home.

Stumps are usually ground well below the soil grade. Root pruning is traditionally performed to hinder the spread of trouble roots near concrete or fences. When you hire us, you get Carlisle’s stump removal specialists.

We’ve Been Helping Carlisle Tree Owners For Over 12 Years

Tree service is a hazardous job. There are many cases where a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed has a good chance of bringing harm to your property. The dangers of climbing high up a tree with equipment are not something to take lightly and can end in serious bodily injury to someone with no experience.

Contact us or use our website request form. You can even leave a voicemail detailing what you need, and one of our tree contractors will get back to you quickly. We can provide you with an estimate over the phone and arrange a time to do the tree service project.

Client Testimonials

They did an incredible job on our tree removal. We were very nervous about how close it was to our house, but luckily we hired the right team for the job. We were also happy with the tree trimming work they did. Our trees seem to be much better.

Mat Hanson

What a great job! Free estimates, same day service, and their tree care costs are very affordable.  The crew was easy to work with. They came out to our property and examined the stumps I needed removed and quoted me right there. Not only did we save money, but we saved time too

Samantha G.

Thank you! Carlisle Tree Service did a great job. You told me what you could do, and you did exactly it. And just let me say, the country boy in me was totally thrilled at watching all that heavy equipment and the group of pros at work…from my kitchen window.

Shirley C.

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